Our paper and printing quality can guarantee the highest standard results for food labels - humidity resistance, improved adhesive capacity, low temperature resistance and higher friction resistance.

We can not choose what to say, but we can choose how to say it!

Name, expiration date, nutrition facts, storage suggestions, country of origin, food allergens and so on. We can say a lot about one product!

We can not choose what to say, but we can choose how to say it. We print our labels in compliance with the European hygienic standards, adding them a customized touch. Everyday customers pay more to what they eat, so we need to make our labels clear and easily understandable. In the everyday life, costumers will choose which product to buy depending on its skin, its label!

Give your labels a unique taste! We just need to know the shape, printing finishing and material, and you will immeditely know the costs and delivery times. Add quality to your product. Find out the multiple possibilities we can offer.

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We have been printing labels for a long time. This experience has led us to print any kind of label for any kind of bottle, and our production lines ensure the highest quality of printing on multiple materials. Being specialized in digital printing, we can produce and deliver labels in 24 hours assuring the best quality. Our labels can be used in automatic production lines. We do not have any limitation on shape, colours or finishing techniques.

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